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I want to know if you know anything about long-term effects of copper and non-hormonal IUDs.


Well, you read about the copper IUD of Susie Q in the first book, it went right through her uterus into the wall. So copper, a lot of people will turn black like silver, it degenerates you, your body melts that metal and absorbs it.

So, in each tissue, like I explained, and she asked about why women had yeast infections, and stuff like that. If they don't discharge those poisons, and they tear, they don't heal. They'll lose the fetus, so if you've got poisons down there, you're going to have bleeding.

You're going to have sores. You're going to have all ulcerations. So, none of them are good. That's not good to do. You need to trust your man, even beat him into awareness. Listen, it's your sperm. You take care of it. You're going to give it to me. Make sure it doesn't cause me any growth.

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