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Pains like I'm having like Kathy, her foot is crystals, and apparently, it's inability to process uric acid. Wouldn't even raw meat be increasing the uric acid? 


It wouldn't no. If you don't digest the meat or you cook it. Are you partially cooking your meat?  




Okay, then don't worry about it. You don't get any added uric acid from raw meat. It's only excessive uric acid from eating cooked things.  

No excessive uric acid from raw meat.  


You can't possibly sear meat on the barbecue? 


Part of it, maybe a third of it's gonna be toxic, two thirds won't be. So, you're gonna use a third of the two thirds that's nontoxic to negate the toxicity from the third, so you can have a third of it that's good.  


But technically it should be on a pan, right?  


You shouldn't be cooking it at all at all. 

I would say barbecue is better than pan fried. Frying is the worst thing you can do. It keeps turning over the heat of the fat molecules reburning them and reburning them.  

Over the fire it's dripping, you're losing it, but you're not going to eat the recooked and recooked fat molecule. 

But as long as you're not putting any kinda lighter fluid on your charcoal. 

Propane is quite a bit of toxicity in the gas. like any it's like any kind of gas. 

Natural gas is different. Natural gas doesn't have that kind of toxicity. 

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