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Fruit and vegetables today and eating that with a balance of meat and I heard you talking a lot about eating raw meat, which sounds fine. I just am more concerned with the ratio, and I'm sure that it's in the book of the vegetables to meat, and I would always think that it would be more fruit and vegetables. I just wanted a little bit of understanding on that.

Because it's in the book, so I'm not gonna go over it here, but if you have a lot of vegetables and I don't suggest that people eat whole vegetables, unless just a little bit of flavoring with some meat, no more than 2 tablespoons in a meal, and that's diced, not full concentrated, it'll over alkanalize the intestines.

When you're eating cooked meat, that's fine. You want to eat a raw vegetable salad with a cooked meat meat, cause you've got a high acid and it's going to putrify in your system. It's not going to move it, it stops peristalsis. There's nothing to cause peristalsis in cooked meat.

Raw meat there is, there's lots of enzymes and it reacts to the hydrochloric acid. So, you put an alkaline food in with an acid food, and you're gonna neutralize the acid and alkaline, and you're not gonna digest either.

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