Cooked Meat Every Once In Awhile


cooked meat



What you think of the idea of eating like a cooked meal every once in a while? Like once a week, once a month, just to kind of keep your immune system kind of stimulated almost, you know what I'm saying? Like kinda like a good stress almost?


Yeah, I could make an analogy.

Shoot me with a bullet once a month, so I can stay immune to a bullet. It's a toxic substance, that doesn't make you immune to it. Your body already knows how to handle toxicity. You don't have to eat it to take care of it. You had what? 32 years of it. Your body knows how to handle cooked foods. It's not gonna forget.

Takes 40 years to clean the body completely, and in that 40 years, you're not gonna forget. I've got 12 more years to get my 40 in, I'm still in prison for 12 more years. I'm in a delightful prison, right?


It's just that sometimes when I eat a 100% for like a couple weeks, and then I have just one meal, I get so tired from that.


Yeah. Cause it takes all of your energy and all of your nutrients to deal with those toxins. And I say to myself, "Why do I wanna sacrifice 5 - 24 hours of energy for 10 to 15 minutes of a cooked food". What logic is that? For my own logic, it's insanity. For people who have a taste bud that's so important to them, it's not insanity and I don't judge them for it. That's their choice, but me, no way I'm sacrificing 5 - 24 hours for 10, 20 minutes of eating a cooked food. To me that's absolutely insane. I don't have enough time now.

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