Cooked Foods and Free Radicals


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Well, in combination with the cauterized minerals in those cooked foods, because in grains, those minerals are very concentrated. Very hard and very solid, lots of metal, metallic minerals in grains, especially if it's grown with chemicals. You put all those poisons in and you cook them, they become three radicals and the brain use most of the metals. Nervous system.

So, that's why people are very scattered, but civilizations have known that for a long time. They kept all the lackies in China, 90% of their diet was grain and in Egypt they did the same thing from the slaves. They would keep them emotionally imbalanced and physically hyperactive to do the work and the royalty, they lived almost entirely on fats and meat. Warriors were in between.

Garbage. Yeah, that's such hype. I did that for a year and a half, macrobiotic diet. I witnessed that for so many years. I did not know one person who survived that I knew, that is wishful thinking.

Salt and rice, that's what their diet is. Mainly high pressure steamed rice.

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