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If you've already got the weight, you don't have to pig out, spread it out more evenly. When you eat a lot, the body has to take all the enzymes, restructure them for your body and begin disassembling the food. It means pancreas has a little bit of stress and all of our pancreas' are 2.5 times normal size to handle all of the cooked foods, and sugars that were acclimated to. 

The human being is the only one that has an oversized pancreas. So many hundreds of years or even thousands of years of eating cooked foods because the pancreas doesn't only handle carbohydrates and sugars. 

It handles any kind of enzyme that needs replacing. The pancreas has to manufacture hormones to leach nutrients from every cell in the body a little bit at a time. So, every time you eat a cooked meal, overworks the pancreas, leaches from every cell in the body, just a finite amount and that's collective over a long period of time. 

For some people, they're a lot more sensitive because they were born with a lot of toxicity. And others that are not so sensitive because they may produce a lot of hormones that buffers and then sensitizes them to their ill health, but nobody escapes unscathed, especially the pancreas. 

So, if you have especially heaviness on this side, you know it's the pancreas. If you have heaviness on this side, you know it's the liver.  

So, if it's on this side, then it's liver. You have a little bit more difficulty digesting fats. 

If it's over here, you're having a little too much difficulty digesting too much food at a time. 


And what if you have a lot of pain on the left-hand side? 


That means you've got a severely damaged pancreas. 

Put a hot water bottle wherever you have the pain, that'll help relax the tissue. So, it will increase the nutrients to the area and then clean it up. 

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