Cooked Food To Stop Detox

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Yeah, but you're detoxing that yeast infection that.

But just eat some vinegar, slow it down, but just mainly eat butter and meat. Well, if you have like a little pea sized amount, it's not gonna create that condition.

Because it will help you digest, but just use a very small amount. Any time a detoxification overwhelms you there are things to do to slow it down, most of the time there are things to do to slow it down without eating a lot of cooked foods. Now in the book I say, if you're an elderly person going through an extended horrendous detoxification for three months, eat a cooked meal of chicken and everybody gets this kind concept, well, if I eat a cooked meal, I'm going to stop a detoxification and they take an extrapolate of what I've said. That isn't how it works. You wanna slow down and stop a detoxification? You will if you eat a lot of cooked food, It will stop the de detoxification cuz your body's gonna use its nutrients on handling that toxicity that results from the cooked food.

It's like leukocytosis, when you eat cooked food almost a third of your white blood cells, leave the bloodstream, go to the intestinal tract to handle the toxicity. If you eat only a cooked meal, no raw food with it and that's what happens. If you eat a raw food with it, even a piece of fruit or a salad with a cooked meal, your blood will only lose about 15% to 20% of its white blood cells into the digestive tract instead of almost 60% to 70%.

So, you have to take a look at that, cooked foods are toxic and they will overwhelm the money. So, of course, an old detoxification where you have pain and discharge. It's gonna go away while you're eating all the cooked foods, cuz the body can't go back and start correcting the old stuff that's in the body, can't get rid of it. Like if I go get antibiotics, it's gonna stop and then what I'm gonna have is that insulin stay in my calf for my whole life. I'm not gonna do it, I'm gonna wait this out, I'm gonna help regulate the amount of detoxification. This was so bad and sometimes I couldn't even walk. I was bedridden for two days once in the Philippines. Then when I got here, I got the clay and the whey and everything I needed right away.

I've been traveling, every week I go to another city, I do my consults, sit there every day and work 12 hours a day. I'm still working in that condition.

Those people will be freaking out in the hospital and the doctors will say, Oh, you're gonna lose your leg". How the Frick do you know I'm gonna lose my leg? Because you're scaring me with terror? They got their training in an emergency ward, their internship is done in an emergency ward. They want every doctor to come out of there with panic on their mind.





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