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I've noticed since I've been on this diet my bags under my eyes have swelled up... swelling on the diet. [skip to 00:36 on audio] 


No, it usually decreases over time for most people. However, if yours had been very thin and starting to cirrhos, which means harden, then more fluid would be brought into that area to try to keep it from hardening together. So, you'd have more circulation. So, it could be just temporary, could take six, seven years. 

That's pretty temporary when we figure it takes 40 years to clean the body completely. I'm only 34 years into the raw diet. But that was the eating meat for 34 eating years since 76. It was 30 years of eating raw meat and I didn't start eating it on a daily basis until 82.  

So, it's 26 years of eating meat on a daily basis, but in the last three years, my bones have gotten small, but more dense, no osteoporosis, nothing like that. It's a trunk. When you eat cooked fats, cooked foods, the fat molecule swell from 10x - 50x their normal size.  

A good example I like to use is John Travolta. Remember how tall and lanky and thin he was when was 30 years old that. Well, you see him just slightly starting to get bigger by the time he's 30 and then after that to his 30s and 40s, tremendous swelling. I mean, this guy used to be tall and lanky and now he's huge and thick in his bones eating all that cooked food. It does that to a lot of men. 

Take a look at Russell Crowe. Same way, very slender. Remember he was that nude robot in one film and then you see him in the gladiator the other film and he's huge and you see all these actors going from very thin to really swollen bodies as they get older. Mine is doing the reverse because I'm not contaminating it. 

So, I've gone from, you know, my body fat I used to like to keep it minimum 27% body fat, and that's what most women have, not men. And most athletic men have body fat about 7%, and I used to keep 27% minimum for me, and that's what I like. Now, I don't need as much fat, so I'm about 22% body fat. Do I look like I'm 22% body fat?  

I've got abs that are cut. It looks like I have 7% body fat in the people who eat cooked foods, but I have 22% body fat. Three weeks ago, I was 20% body fat. That was a little slimmer, but my waist is now 29" - 30" waist. When I had blown up from everything, it went up to 37" - 38" waist. My chest, it swelled up to 40" - 41". It's back down on the 36". 

So, it's taken me 34 years to get to this point to be where I was when I was 16 years old. Y 


Have you shortened in height?  


Not at all. Havn't shortened a bit. Exactly. 5' 7" 3/4, exactly where it was at 16 years old.  


That's good. I was wondering when you said you both got smaller?  


Yeah. Not in height, but it's just width. 

And all my brothers have shrunk. My dad went from 5' 6" - 5' 4", he is 5' 3" something. And my youngest brother who was 6' is down to 5' 10". He's three years younger than I am, so he'll be 56 this year or he's just 56 in January. He's three years younger than I and he's already dropped almost 2" 

No, no, no. You started wearing down the cartilage. My cartilage isn't wearing. Everywhere, vertebrates, everything. All the cartilage whittles and people just start droppings, whittles away. 

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