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Most of that's gonna urinate out. You can tell, if you're drinking a quart of water a day, you should be only urinating a cup.

So, if you collect your urine for the day and how much fluid, if it's not one fourth of which you've consumed, you're chugging your fluids.

You should be absorbing and utilizing perspiring 3/4s of which you're eating, 75% and only urinating 1/4, 25%.


Only a quarter of a cup?


No. Well, if you're eating a cup, then you should only urinate 1/4 of the cup. Otherwise, you're drinking your fluids too fast and that will cause dehydration.


And that causes constipation?


Yeah, absolutely.


I see. I think sometimes maybe there's a blockage, cuz when I do go to the bathroom where it's like trying to squeeze through and it's just a thin thing. I don't know if there's a blockage in it.


No, that's not blockage. What texture is it?




You're not constipated, your body is robbing everything out as it can.

[Attendee #2]

I've had the same issue, but found that eating an avocado in the evening.


Well, avocado is very difficult to digest, so 50% of it's just going to go out the feces.


So, avocados not good, you said?


No, I say it's good, but I mean, half of it, you're just going to pass out with the feces,

[Attendee #2]

But at least it helps with going to the bathroom?


Yeah, right. I wouldn't suggest that for her. She doesn't have the dryness you have.

I prefer anybody don't give suggestions when I'm giving suggestions because we're just gonna confuse the people.


So, what would be the difference and what would she do that would be different?


Well, I just told her, she needs to sip things, other than gulping. That'll help a lot if.

If your fecal matter were coming out very hard and then soft, that means that your colon is starved for fats, fresh fats.

So, you could just inject some raw cream or coconut cream and butter into your rectal area and let it all absorb in there so you get the fresh fats.


Like an enema?


Yeah, like a suppository.

You just take like...

  • three tablespoons of butter
  • three tablespoons of cream
  • three of coconut cream.
  • quarter teaspoon of honey.

Put it in a four ounce jelly jar. Shake it, put it in a bowl. Hot water. Not hot enough to burn your hand.

I'm gonna belch a lot cause I mixed a lot of different foods, only time I have that problem, but it was so tasty. But this is one that I didn't have a lot of spicy stuff, so I won't be passing wind for two days, which I usually do. So, at least I won't have that. I'm belching.

So, you put in a bowl of hot water and not hot enough to burn your hands. Well, you know, for about five, six seconds. That's long enough. It doesn't burn your hand, but it makes it a little uncomfortable. It's that hot, it's perfect. And after about four minutes, take a bulb syringe. If you've got an 8 oz syringe, you've got 4 oz - 4.5 oz of fluid. You want to squeeze it all out, you want to suck it up and let it out only till you have all the fluid in there. Don't open up, cuz then you'll put a lot of air in you and that can be painful. So, you just open it up until you have enough of all of the ingredients in there, and then you get all four bark like a dog, squirt it in yourself. And then just when you're down, get down on all fours, you can do it this way or this way, whatever way you like.

After it's in there, go down, like this on your hands, on your face and all your stomach has going to get it to move up the descending colon and then lie on your right. Do that for about four minutes, you don't have to do it fast or hard. just wrist. And then go on your right side. Lift your left leg, and move your stomach again.

And that'll get it to move over the transverse colon and down the ascending colon. Just four minutes on each side, so it's 4, 4, 4.

4 minutes in the hot water, 4 minutes rolling in your stomach while you're down on your face and your buttocks up in the air and then 4 on your right side, where you life your left leg up? It's a four ounce jelly. So, it's 4, 4, 4, 4.

And when a person does that, a lot of people are in high anxiety and have depression, that relieves depression like that for sometimes weeks and months because the nervous system isn't getting- see the colon digests everything.

It goes to the nervous system and brain. So, if that doesn't get the fats, if your upper intestines, your small intestine, absorb everything. Your brain and nervous system don't get much down in the colon. So, when you feed it directly, the brain and nervous system get it all, all that fresh stuff.

So, a person is depressed, give 'em the high meat, they'll be silly and happy for a day, maybe two days, maybe a week, but they'll still go back into the depression faster when you put the cream and the fats, especially the dairy cream into the colon. You've got enough nutrients there for maybe two weeks, three weeks, one month to feed the nervous system.


I find the mercury formula, you don't get in constipation because of the pineapple.


It depends upon the individual. I asked everybody not to give their advice and opinions.


No. I just wanted to know is it something that's good that has the pineapple somehow it works for me stomach wise?


For some people it does, for some people it helps them have movements.

You have to experiment and see what things do for you and if it's consistent...

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