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So, he was on the diet on an off, a lot of depression, anxiety, all this stuff, mostly depression, cuz his E coli is bad. Anytime you have depression, you've got a problem with low E coli colonies. E coli is the final stage of protein and fat digestion, breaks it down to the finitest molecules to feed the brain and the nervous system.

If you don't have good colonies of E coli, you're not going to feed the brain and the nervous system correctly. So, you're going to find depression and sadness in your life. You also obviously find constipation cuz the body's trying to hold onto the fecal matter to draw out everything that E coli can break down, and the longer that fecal matter is in there, the deeper the E coli can get into feed on it.

So, if you're not constipated where you're getting huge fecal matter that doesn't come out, that's not real constipation. That's your body just holding the fecal matter up in the colon.

If you're having movement so big that it rips your rectum, that's true constipation. The other constipation is low E coli level, body holding onto your fecal matter. Then you just need to squirt some, a little mixture of raw butter, raw coconut cream, like 3 tablespoons of each 2- 3 tablespoons of each coconut cream, butter and dairy cream and about 1/4 of a teaspoon honey, mixed in that.

And you take a syringe and squirted up in your rectum. It'll feed the E coli for 3 to 5 days at a time, so you won't have to hold up the fecal matter so long. That's the way you can feed it directly.

You should just leave it in, do it right before you go to sleep and leave it in cause you want to feed that E coli, you don't want to release it. You go to sleep with it in you.

So, this guy, didn't finish that story. So, after two years going back and forth with this guy, on and off the diet and his mood swings, I said, listen Tarzan, calls himself Tarzan. I said, "You've got to try the high meat. Just try it one time". "I'm already on this wild diet, it's so antisocial and you want me to eat stinky meat?" I said, "Yeah, if it makes you happy, why not? Try it". So, he tried it and he didn't call me and report until a week later and he says, "I'm eating it every day. I'm only eating high meat from now on". So, that's all he eats is high stinky meat, two pounds a day. You got a bear of a guy.

The last time I went and had a workshop where he lived. Now, this was an antisocial guy that couldn't be funny if he tried. He is funny, he's hilarious. He had three, 10 girlfriends at my workshop together, dating all three of them.

That's charm.

So, the high meat works. It works for everybody who does it. Everybody.

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