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We have various laws coming into effect such as [unclear], which to me is pretty scary because it removes the right that people have to use foods to help themselves to heal, like cherries for gout or simple stuff like that, And yet it seems to be being forced upon us through the back door.


It has, the agriculture and the chemical industry has been pushing this for a long time. All of the morons, except for Ron Paul and Wexler and [unclear], there are only 3/537 congressmen that have any integrity at all. All the rest of them are just there doing their thing.

When I was lobbying two years ago for raw milk, I even had the senators aid asking me if I wanted a bill, I had to give them money. Everything is money, everything is about money. Ron Paul and I went in, they said, "When do you need the bill written?" Just like that. I said, "Well, we need to get enough supporters first, so let's get enough supporters first". And I got 78 supporters, and then when the bill was written, not one of 'em co-sponsored and we called everyone and said, "Hey, you promised if we got somebody to write the bill, you'd co-sponsor it and support it.

Not one of them did, they're all just liars. They're in the pockets of big money, period. That is their issue. And you have to understand, their lives are threatened. Their lives are threatened. They used Kennedy as an example, Bush and his crew in the military and the big families murdered Kennedy, they use that as a display, so of course these senators have no balls. Because they want to be like the soldiers they sent off to war, they don't want to jeopardize their life for any other value. So, they're just hypocrites. I have no respect for any but hose three, they're being pushed and there's no way you're not gonna get it.

I saw dances that were going on that just made me angry. Did you see the shooter? Anybody see "The Shooter" with Mark Wahlberg? Annihilating these tribes and everything in Africa to get oil pipes in, and at the end they almost killed him after he has been part of that troop or that organization who is mercenarily paid to go in and kill those people and then kill the people who did the killing, so nobody knew anything to get rid of the evidence. So, at the end, the Senator, this retired Marine goes in and he's just gonna kill them all.

He kills the general who's in charge and he kills the Senator. He goes, and he catches them and they're hideaway home and they're bragging about how they're doing all this stuff. And he just goes and kills them. And he says, "You can't do that to them", the senators the last one to be shot. He says, "I'm a sitting senator".

He said exactly like that and from being around the Senate, that's just what I want to do because what they say is they have an agreement. They all agree whether a bill is going to pass or not. So, they get so many people saying you vote for it qw will always have enough not to let it pass.

Or we have a bill that we wanna pass and we have so many people go against it, but always enough for it to pass. It's a political thing, they play that game, I saw it. So, how much voice we have? I say we have very little.





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