Colon Bacteria -Suppository






coconut cream


dry skin

bone marrow



Well, you need to do that suppository. You have to understand, Michael, the bacteria in the colon gets the scum of whatevers left and it's not healthy, it's not that good. So, they're getting predigested this, toxic that, everything in the colon that goes through theirs, they're getting whatever's left, the dredges.

Plus all the toxins that are moving through the intestinal tract and out the intestinal tract, the cheese helps mitigate that. However, the body is absorbing all the best fats through the small intestine, the bowels not getting much.

So, I suggest that people take three tablespoons each of...

  • butter
  • dairy cream
  • coconut cream
  • 1/4 teaspoon of honey

Mix it all together in a four ounce jelly jar, and then you do this right before you go to sleep and you immerse in a bowl of hot water for about four minutes, hot enough to make your hand uncomfortable, but not burn it for four seconds. Then take a bulb syringe and then stick that in your rectum and you're going to feed that E.coli in the bacteria from the back end.

It no longer will hold up your fecal matter trying to get every particle it can. That's not true constipation, that's deficiency.

So, the best way to do it is you get down on your knees on a bed or the floor. In the bed you could tilt and cause yourself to squirt in the wrong direction. So, it's better to get off the solid surface like the floor and then stick it in this way or this way, whatever's comfortable.

But get down after you put it in and roll your stomach like a belly dancer, so you get it to move up the descending colon. Then you lay on lie on your right side and you can lift your leg and roll your stomach like a belly dancer again, and to get it to move up the transverse colon, you're gonna be feeding those bacteria.

You're gonna sleep better. You're not going to hold onto the fecal matter forever and you may only have to do it once every once a week. Some people like Michael may have to do it every three days.


So, it's butter, dairy cream, is it coconut cream too?


Coconut cream. Three tablespoons of each.

You can do it without the coconut cream, but the coconut cream helps move things a little faster and don't let it out of the body. Keep it in all night. You let those E.coli, the other colon bacteria eat. They're starving.


Yeah, it came out all over my carseat.


Well, did you do what I said? Did you roll your stomach? Did you lie in your right side?


No, I didn't do that.


You left it in the sigmoid colon. Try it again doing it that way or not. It's up to you, Michael.

She asked about an adrenaline problem.


So, how do you determine if you're having an adrenaline problem?


If you can't sleep you're hyperactive.


So, I'm only laughing cause I have these problems. Feels like someone's got a gun to your head.


I would say, well you're on the thin side up here.

You gain good weight and I like that.


No. Well, I need to get rid of it.


No you don't. No, you're perfect here. You're safe the way you are. Your skin is looking better, everything's looking better. You're not half as dry as you used to be. You're still very dry, so you're not getting enough nutrient fats to the system, to the skin, cuz your insides were all dry and they're using it up faster it can get to the skin, so you need to feed your skin from the outside too. Bone marrows the best, so just rub bone marrow and go to North Star Bison, order some bone marrow out of the bone. You're gonna pay for shipping of the bone and it's gonna be expensive.

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