Colloidal Silver


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So, what's the hoax with the colloidal silver?


Colloidal silver are minerals, plants eat minerals, we don't.

If we eat metallic minerals, what's gonna happen?

It's gonna become free radicals in the body, they do a lot of damage. Of course, you'll feel better because you're poisoning the blood so badly, it's not gonna detox anything old. It's just gonna handle that toxicity in the blood, that's how medication works. You poison the blood and the intestinal tract, so all the body does concentrate on those two systems, the blood and the intestinal tract.

All of your symptoms go away. All of your other symptoms go away, so you think you're well but you're not.


So, it's just pushed deeper?


Pushed deeper, and you're causing more toxicity because now you're not gonna be able to digest properly, cuz you've destroyed the bacteria in intestines. 90% of all functions of the body happen with bacteria.

90% of all functions in the body are by bacteria. You destroy them when you take an antibiotic, you're destroying a myriad of bacteria all over the body: in the blood and the lymph, and the intestinal tract and the heart, brain, everywhere. Mass contamination.

So what happens? You don't assimilate your nutrients, you don't heal properly, you scar and you get many more poisons deep into the tissue.

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