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It's a collagen deficiency. On this diet we don't eat much fruit because it's sweet. Watermelon is one of the higher fruits in collagen. It's is most concentrated in the rind, one inch up. I cut away all the ripe stuff that's high sweet and toss it, and I give it to the Ravens and that's what they've been getting every day at this time.

So, you can hear them squawking, sugared out and crazy. And once I give it to them, they're really nuts, they go flying all around. They really get like monkeys on high fruit, they get very hyperactive.

I don't want to get that way, so I eat the rind and a little bit of the pink and that's what I eat of the melon.

But the way I compensated that is cucumber has a lot of collagen precursors, so you eat cucumber. Now, like I say, in vegetable juices, predominantly you should have about 30% - 40% cucumber in your juice, but it's cucumber puree. You peel the cucumber and you blend it with the juices that you're making and you blend it all together and then drink it.

So, you chew your juice that way you get the collagen that you need. As long as you're eating the raw fats, like butter, your nails won't peel back as long as they're getting collagen, and it takes about two months to correct it.


Is the squash a substitute?


No squash doesn't have the same ability.

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