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Like posting stamps. It is cold. If you let it sit out for four or five hours, it's much more tasty. Let me give an example. It's harder for me to eat cold meat. If I cold meat right out the refrigerator without a sauce, I'm lucky if I can get down four or five ounces. If I put it in a jar and let it sit in the cupboard for 4 or 5, 12 hours, even 24 hours, I can consume a pound and a half at a sitting. 

Because the bacteria starts breaking it down. When you take it in the stomach and it's cold, just like the cold milk, constricts the stomach and won't produce the hydrochloric acid, so it moves out the duodenum into the intestines without much hydrochloric acid. 


How long do you leave it out? 


I leave it out up to 24 hours sometimes, but normally overnight. 


You put it in a cupboard? 


Yes. I put it in dark cupboard. The light will turn food bitter, keep it out of the light, put it in a dark cupboard.  

[Attendee #2] 

Does it have to be in glass or can you put the packaging in the cupboard?  


I put everything in glass. 

Once I get it home, I cut it up and put it in glass.  

No, I only use that for my juice. Keep my juice chilled. Otherwise, I carry everything in my bag. 

Juice will break down very quickly. 

Cream, I leave chilled until I'm going to drink it. Or, you know, a few hours before I'm going to drink it.  


You have no lights in your refrigerator?  


No, there's radiation emitted from those lights. Heavy radiation. 

How many times you open that refrigerator in a day, every time it comes on? Let me tell you, when it first comes on, it sends out a bunch of rays.  

Just unscrew it. 

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