Cold Pressed Coconut Oil


coconut oil

fermented coconut



It's not a fermented, completely cold pressed. In their process, they steam or boil the coconut before they press it. I've gone to every one of them, and I said, I want it in writing from your producer, not from the wholesaler or the retailer I want it from the producer.  

So, I go right to the people who make it, and I say, I want to know your process and you have to give it to me in writing, and there's only one company that did. All the other companies' statements. Well, we do heat it to 170 - 215 ° before we cold press it.  




I say, why do you call it unheated, and cooked? 

"Well, during the process we don't", and I said, "that's deceiving the people".  

So, I put it out on the internet, everybody was false. Now this company, the only thing that they were doing wrong, this one company was a fermented coconut oil. They would heat it up a little higher temperature than I wanted.  

So, they brought that down and they were also rinsing it with chlorinated water before they pressed and fermented it. So, I got them to take the chlorine out of the water and use good well water. So, now it's good stuff. 

"Wilderness Family Naturals" [Not good anymore] 


How much is theirs? 


I don't remember, but it's cheaper to fly from the Philippines than it is from Thailand. It's a very long distance, very expensive, but I still like the taste of the one from Thailand better than Philippines. I mean, this is very tasty stuff from James. 

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