Cold Feet Takes 15 Years To Heal


cold feet



My feet tend to be cold.


It's usually a bone marrow problem. So, the bone marrow in your feet are probably pretty acid and pretty toxic. So, that would be a matter of applying hot water bottles at night. 

Get the circulation to change, and that usually takes 10 to 15 years change. 

It's a long one, it's a long and slow one. With me with my blood and bone cancer, the feet were the last thing to change and they did it in the last two years. 

This particular ankle right here, the rest of my body could be completely warm, but this would feel like it came right out of the freezer. 

And I would have to wrap it, bundle it. 


Now it's better?


Yeah, now this last two years is the first winter where I didn't have a problem. 

It's fine, yeah.


Can you wear socks? You can't wear socks with it?

Yeah, you can wear socks. Anytime you want.


I'll tell you I bought these sandals 3 months ago and this is the first. 


They're warming up. 

It takes a long time. 

[Attendee #2]

What about numbness in your feet. 

If you move your toes and it feels kinda numb.


Dead cells. Not enough fat to collect the toxicity, so it's gone into the nerves. 

No cramping can be a mixture of a lot of different things.

Cramping can be dehydration. 

It can be collection of toxic minerals, attractive substances too much carbohydrate byproducts, acrylamides that collect in the muscles. 

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