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There's your E coli. You want to get depressed? Do it. You wanna ruin digestive abilities for your brain and nervous system? Enema with coffee. It also sends adrenaline, and caffeine into your whole body, your whole system. You can take cocaine, it's just as good.

Coffee enema is just as good and just as damaging as snorting cocaine. It's just you're damaging the lungs in one area and you're damaging the bowel in the other. It's very dangerous to do that.

A lot of the people I know that have made a habit of doing coffee enemas, in their late thirties and forties and fifties, they are constantly depressed.

They have to enema every day with that coffee, it's the same as a drug. I will eat every day cuz I have to eat to survive and to thrive, but I'm certainly not gonna stick coffee up my butt, very unnatural, and that caffeine is a drug.

It's not raw coffee, it's not raw caffeine that you're putting up your butt.

If you want a raw caffeine, have chocolate. You can get theobromine, and caffeine all in one lump. We only have to eat a little bit and it won't get you sick along with, unless you eat too much, it'll demineralize your system.

And a lot of people who do those coffee enemas, guess what they end up? Osteoporosis, heavily. Deterioration of their bones. They start eating their own bones to defend themselves with a heavy mineral need from the caffeine.

We're gonna have to move on from that now.


No enemas?


No enemas, that just flushes E coli out. From one enemas it takes 45 - 60 days to replace the E coli, from one enema.

You do a colonic, it may take six months.


My friend gets headaches, says it resolves his headache.


Certainly it does, but that doesn't make the good way to do it. I can take cocaine and get rid of a headache. I can have a broken toe and get rid of a toe ache from taking cocaine, that doesn't make it healthy.





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