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What about cod liver oil? Fish oil?


All of them are treated, the FDA requires that they be cleaned and treated. So, they're all heat or solvent or both processed.


Now Carlson claims they don't.


They have to heat process it to remove the protein. They called it a low- see, you have to understand that they are the thinking of Sally Fallon and that group that says, "If fat does not reach 160°, if that doesn't reach that temperature, it's raw. It's unheated", but according to me, it's 96°,for a fat, and fish oil is heavily heated.


Can't they just press it out?


They used to do it that way and it stunk and it was cloudy. Bacteria, bacteria, FDA, says, "No way, you can't do it. Has to be completely clear and no bacteria in it", which means it's not fish oil anymore.

It's a processed treated oil. Eat the fish, that's the only way you can get it now, and that stopped in 1980 when that jerk asshole, and I can say in so many ways Reagan took office, he signed a bill that stopped all interstate transportation of raw dairy and any raw food

I could get Alta Deana's raw dairy in a Alaska in this little island in off the coast pf Georgia. When that was signed, I couldn't find it anywhere. Couldn't find dairy anywhere.


You would've drank the beer if it would've been raw?


No, I wouldn't. Maybe an ounce or two once in a while, cuz I was a heavy, heavy alcoholic. They used to distribute it all over the world.

I'm going to work on it in the next few years, but it's gonna take some time.

[Attendee #2]

$30,000 right?


At least.


To get more dairy companies out there?


No, just to get it so we can transfer over state lines again.


We have it in California.


Yeah. We have it in California, they're not allowed sell in other states without processes.





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