Coconut Oil and Where To Buy


coconut oil

fermented coconut



That's the fermented coconut oil. You have to get the one that says fermented coconut oil. Not from James, he only has one coconut oil. He has coconut cream, that's refrigerated, but the coconut oil that looks like Crisco when it's cool. That is fermented coconut oil from Thailand.


That's good?


That's great, and the one now that they just changed their process in the last three weeks for me. So, now we can buy that off the internet. It's cheaper.


What's the difference between fermented, and non fermented?


Well, they make it centrifugally spun, the molecules in that are much harder, and larger, so it's harder to digest. So, when it's fermented, and it was only fermented for about 12 to something like 19 hours, that's all. Just to get the oil to separate from the cream. Cause there's still lectins in there that needs to separate from new oil.

So, that takes fermentation to do it a natural way that's more digestible, and utilizable. The one with the larger molecule that's centrifugally spun, harder molecule, doesn't absorb into the skin, the skin can break can't down with its own enzymes very well. It's a more difficult oil, but it's just as expensive to get the one that can be utilized better, which is the fermented.

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