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Well, the coconut, talking about coconut milk, right?


Coconut milk, yeah,


Okay. The coconut milk in my experiments have been a little funny. You get the Thailand or the Chinese coconut that tastes very funny. There's some kind of a chemical in it and it causes cramping in the tissues in some positions, it has a high alkaloid reaction, so those are not good.

If you get Mexican, Costa Rican, any of the South American or any of the islands that stay away from the Thailand coconuts with Chinese coconuts, they're putting something in the fields. They're doing something where it's not making it very good, it's causing a pancreatic problem. Diabetic type reactions to some people.

So, don't advise that one. But otherwise you could drink the coconut milk and it's fine.

The water is the milk. The cream is the what we juice from the meat.

[When he says coconut milk I think he means coconut water]

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