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I bought to make coconut cream in Thailand arrives tomorrow at the lot. So, I'm gonna train people how to use it cause they trained me in Thailand. So, these machines are great. It's like the Greenstar Gold that's about 4.5 feet long. It's stainless steel.

It's about this high off the ground. So, you could do 50 gallons an hour. 50 gallons an hour. They're so fast. I bought three machines, one to take the shell off the coconut. Those guys can do a de-shell a coconut in three seconds, three seconds.

It takes me about 20 seconds. I've only just learned how to use the machine, but 20 seconds is very quickly to get the whole shell off. Then there's a machine to take the broken pieces, then we break it, the coconut and put it in the machine that grates it, and then we put the grated coconut through the juicer.

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