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The coconut, is that accessible to us?


Yeah. If you wanna spend $9,000. The juicer is this big, so we can do 50.


Can we rent time on it?


Uh, you'd have talk with James. I sold over it to him.

He's now juicing for the lot, so now you can buy coconut cream.

So, coconut cream is now available at the lot. That big machine also juices vegetables, so he will be able to juice vegetables in 1/16th a time that it used to take it. So, he can do like probably about 10 gallons an hour with the coconut cream and with juice he could probably do about 30 gallons an hour.

[Attendee #2]

How do they open the coconuts?


I bought a machine that has a wheel with teeth on it and a pin that sticks up, and what you do is you put it near one of the eyes and it just rips it right off.

The people in Thailand who are used to doing that, they can shell a coconut in three to four seconds. Takes me about 10 to 15 seconds to rip- well, no, Thursday, before last I was down to about probably probably 10 seconds per coconut, ripping the shells off. And then there's a grinder which grinds it all into grated coconut, and then that goes to the juicer and the juicer is huge.

It's like this long, this high, about this wide. It looks like a, a champion juicer that's stainless steel and huge.

[Attendee #2]

When will it be available for sale.


It's already available for sale.

So, it's $12 a pint, but that's in glass.

They only put it in glass. He could save a dollar and a half by putting in plastic, but let me tell you, it's better to have it in glass.

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