Coconut Cream Detox


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I've got a tooth here that has been dead, but the root going to it is not dead. And that tooth has no tooth cause I lost the tooth down here that was next to it. So, it just keeps going down and down and down. So, I decided, okay, I'm gonna get rid of it quickly. So, I started consuming coconut cream with every glass of milk, and I drink two quarts of milk a day right now just to put on enough weight.  

So, I've been putting coconut cream in every bit of milk that I drink. Plus I have about four ounces with a fruit in the afternoon. I have got pain today and a breakout from it, this tooth, because I did it for two weeks. I overdid it, every time I push, I suffer. So, I don't suggest other people do it. 

The body is always detoxifying, and if you do that one detoxification meal a day with coconut cream. That's all that's necessary. 

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