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coconut cream






Well, you can do that, but you know, it'll go in and dissolve toxic fat products, old cholesterols, and now there's your right solvent to break down arterial congestion is coconut dream, you can have it with anything. 


What is coconut cream? 


When you take coconut meat and separate it from the fat. 

Well, what I do is I put in four-ounce jelly jars, so they're pretty full, so I'm only getting one at a time and they'll last quite a while. If your champion juicers getting too hot, it's going to ferment it. So, what I do is I'll take the blades with the teeth, the teeth on that part that goes on the shaft of the champion. 

I put olive oil in there, about half a teaspoon of olive oil, I'll rotate it and then I'll shove it on the shaft, it causes a suction and the food gets behind that gear that goes on there, the key that goes on there, it causes the whole gear to move the whole blades to move forward and it cuts off the space for the pulp to come out. 

So, it stays in here and heats up. If you have the suction in, it keeps it back. So, it's harder to move that blade forward. And also, if you take the front end while you're juicing and push down on the front and bend it, it'll shut that whole tooth or a gear back onto the back of the shaft and allow the pulp to come out and down over here. And then you can pass the coconut cream, coconut pulp two to three times. Now green life, you don't have to worry about that at all. That doesn't matter. Yeah, it doesn't work with coconut very well at all. 

Yeah, you don't get as much out of that. It's the air, the air is pushing through the fat and that oxidizes it. So, it won't but 48 hours, 72 hours. 

Well, you get another 2 ounces out of it... 

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