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But I never known.  

Anybody on this raw diet that had a roach problem. 

I had a late summer.  


About roaches, what do you do about roaches? 


Cause I never had a roach problem before. 

Well, like I say, I been on this diet and even when I lived in Beverly Hills, they have the worst roach problem in the world they called Palmetto bugs in Beverly Hills. 

Well, let me tell you, I was in a in a building where the roaches, I mean big big roaches with 90 year old woman that had an apartment above me and her place was- I mean 1 drawer I opened... there were 1000 roaches in one drawer. 

1000. Under her sink there were at least 3000 roaches.  

I had none in my apartment and my apartment was right next to her. 


Well, what do you think explains it?  

The guy is not serial, they're outside of it, so.  


They like cooked decaying food. Cooked decaying food is what they live on.  

[Attendee #2] 

That's what she had all over her house? 


Cooked, yeah. 

Yep, they love that.  

They love cereals, they love anything cooked. 


I heard if you leave a leaf on the floor, they'll be attracted, they'll smell that? 


That's bullshit, that's bullshit. They love mold. 

[Attendee #2] 

I used to have an apartment, I had roaches and I knew they didn't clean it properly.  

I pulled the stove out and it was filthy and once I cleaned under that stove, I had no more roaches, but in Hawaii, the roaches were so big you could put saddles on them. 

It's a really good way if you really have a lot of roaches is you just get empty jars and you put a little bit of oil.  

Any kind of oil like here on the inside of the jar only at the top and then you put a little bit of stale beer in the bottom, and they go in after the beer, but then they can't climb out cause of the oil and then they just fill up the jars. 





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