Clay to Absorb Toxins, Types of Clay



heavy metals



17 or something, or 1890 something. I forgot the dates completely, but I remember the story. He advertised that he's gonna drink a 1/2 cup of arsenic and they publicized it. He made a ton of money and only on his deathbed did he give the secret away cause he pulled the stunt several times.

He drank a half a cup of clay an hour before he drank- or 40 minutes, something like that before he drank the arsenic, so the clay absorbed it. Minerals won't do that


What kind of clay?


They didn't say, I like to stay away from any clay that's from molten lava because you've got a lot of molten metals.

Your minerals like calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and magnesium or alkanalizing ones, when they reach volcanic temperatures, they go off into a gas, so they're no longer part of that rock. And when the algae in water starts eating- algae and mossy rock, and all plants eat rock. So, when the water mixes in the plants, whether it's algae, whatever, breaks those down into a clay, it's still a toxic laden clay.

It's a clay that I won't eat.


Which one would you eat?


Well, Terramin clay is the best. It's from an old aqua bead.

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