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So just don't worry about it. Your, but you can. What about, you can put clay on it. Can that help? Like this just dries the skin out. Oh, just drives it. Hardens it. You'll never remove it or not? Never. It just takes a lot more

if, how many hot water bottles? I think seven or eight. We have to sleep with all these hot water bottles. It's gonna be good.

Aging though. Huh? What? We're aging? No. You know, I saw you 12 years ago and you look just the same. Almost the same. Really? Really? Well, your skin's better. Yeah. You look older. You look yellow. Yes. We can change our, that's what I think. Yeah. It's not just the food though. I like to think is my practice too.

Well, it's a combination. A combination of when you put, when you put the spiritual practice, put the food, you've got a, a recipe turning 54 in five seconds. Oh wow. Birthday.

Hey, Ajak, she was asking earlier, there's no good plug down. in the San Diego that you know is there in Anita. I mean, you're a food club in la They deliver. Rob delivers down, it's, it's, it's the co-op, uh, from la We get down here twice a month. Where do you Maryland Joseph knows the people that he picks it up from.

It's not here. It's s needed. You mean Marilyn comes this way? Marilyn, you, her son actually deliver.

You're lucky. One of the best products I've ever tasted Isn't like everything. Yeah. Isn't it's, I haven't tasted this number, but did you have this one? That was the best one. That was the best moment. Everybody ate all that I know. Well, shit, come earlier. It was a, the amino acid. He used it. A salt. A little bit of salt.

Salt. I wouldn't eat that. Have you come across, have you come? No way. Have you come across that new coconut amino? Doesn't matter. The amino has the salt in it. Is that why you don't want, no, this one's not salt. This one's just coming from coconut sac. I just think it's pasteurized, probably. No, it's raw.

Raw, coconut, sour. We get nasty very quickly. Oh, okay. We have to process and it does off. I think it does. Yeah. I, anyway, it's made from coconut sac. Have you been hearing about. But it's probably processed. It has to be processed. Yeah. No, but it's, I have to agree with you, Argen, as people really did a good job today.





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