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And of course he could eat the cheese to help draw out the toxicity from the anesthesia. Okay. Do you have a question?


Yeah. On using clay in the hot bath?


Who told you use clay in hot bath?


In your book.

If you like have a jacuzzi or hot tub, can you just keep recycling that same clay?


It'll it'll be forever good.




Forever good. As long as you had sand with it, and say you're using like a Hayward sand filter and you put clay in it, that clay will stay with the sand and they work together to filter, and it will never go bad.

Even if it goes to black soot, it still is good. It may stink a little bit, like a sewer. And if you don't like that stench, then you need to flush it.


Do you know of a good cheap source of clay for baths?


You can go to Terramin and get their crude stuff they use for fertilizer.

It's cheaper. Buy it by the bags. But make sure it isn't the stuff they put extra stuff in like bone calcium or something like that. Bone meal, don't want that. You just want the straight.

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