Clay Binds With Toxins






London everywhere, Paris, Brussels, everywhere in the world. They went to see this guy and he said, "I am not going to choose the poison, let a university doctor bring the arsenic, half a cup of arsenic and I will drink it in front of everybody and I'll show you that I live".

So, he got people all the way, he made a fortune off of it and he drank a half a cup of arsenic, and until he died in the 1930s, he did not tell anybody how he did it. Now, in his deathbed, he said, "I drank a half a cup of clay an hour before". And if the arsenic went in, the clay absorbed it just like that.

So, you have a high histamine, eat some clay, let the clay help you. So, the, your body doesn't have to make the homocysteines so much.

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