Cilantro - Only 10 Percent For Metal Detox

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I'm just wondering if there are other things on the diet that are designed to attract metals as well.  


Cilantro is good for that. No more than 10% of the juice, but cilantro can do it very radically, and if you've got a lot of mercury coming out of your system or lead. You might get very fatigued, very poisoned, very nasty. Your mate won't like you very much if you can't handle it.  

And if you're using a metal extractor like that, it's always good to have either some raw cows' cream or some coconut cream with it, so that as soon as the metals come into the blood, you'll have fat there to arrest it.  

People who drink the juice and have heart palpitations afterwards or speedy heart. That's a sign that the metals have gotten into your blood, and you don't have the available blood fats to bind with it. So, the heart palpitations, don't let it frighten you, you just need to sit down, but if you're going to do that, then the first juice, if you have that side effect, then every juice in the morning should have some cream in it, so that, that doesn't happen.  

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Can you eat butter just after it?  


Instead of two tablespoons of cream or more, you could use one tablespoon of butter.  

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Avocado won't work for that. Coconut cream, raw... 





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