Chrohns Is Leaky Gut, Undigested Food Particles To Joints, Raw Eggs


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Because the intestines, when you have Crohn's, usually the physiological process of that is that you stop making proper mucus to line the intestines, your own digestive acids, start eating away your intestinal lining, so it becomes thinner and thinner.

So what happens is the gut gets so thin that it will often cause tearing if you eat too much, and that's called leaky gut. When undigested food particles pass into your gut out of the intestines, and they usually travel to the knees first. Not always, but probably 80% of the time.

So, people start having knee problems, knee aches, knee swelling. Because the body sends the particles down to the knee and the knee forms acids just to become a digestive tract to break it down. That causes 80% of all arthritis and rheumatism is leaky gut. The knees and joints weren't supposed to be made to be a digestive organ.

So, eating the eggs allows the intestines to work very little and yet they get all these nutrients to nutrify and when you have the egg white and the egg yolk together, it builds a good mucus. So, all of a sudden within like 24 - 36 hours in a case of Crohn's disease can be in the process of reversal.


I have a relative who has had Crohn's for many years. It seems to have evolved into chronic fatigue syndrome,. Would it be the same thing?




For someone like this who isn't used to raw eggs, how do you consume them?


Always buy themselves. Otherwise you mix 'em with milk, it's gonna take 6 - 10 hours to digest them, and it's complicated.

So, they have to be just downed rocky style or the way I do is sucked right out of an eggshell. Did she see Rocky?




He breaks the five eggs in and then you gotta go like this. It doesn't work if you don't go like this *laughs*.


So, if you mix it with milk?


It slows it down. It takes 6 - 10 hours to digest raw milk.


Would you still get benefit though over time?


It won't be the tume. It's gonna take you much longer, sometimes 5 - 20 times longer. Eggs are so pure and absorb so fast, there's no difficulty.

Let's say the milk finds a spot where you've already torn and you've got an ulceration there that's not healing, and it tears every time and you have leaky gut in that spot every time when it reaches that area, that area's not gonna be able to heal because you're gonna have digestive juices and acids and bacteria working on the food in that spot.

If you have the egg, the egg's already absorbed within 5 inches of the intestine. So, the intestines don't have to work anywhere for digesting except for that first 5 inches.


So, let's say for instance, when they had colon cancer, the colon had been removed and they had a ileostomy bag.

The best route for your nutritious revitalization would be just raw eggs?


That's it. Raw eggs and milk. Your colon is where your last stage of digestion happens and the e coli mainly are responsible for breaking the fats and proteins down to the finite molecule to feed your brain a nervous system.

People who have psychological problems like depression, anxiety is different. Anxiety is not exercising. Depression is always a lack of bacteria.

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