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We took our child for swimming lessons this summer. I was just wondering if there's anything you can do before or after the pool that would help mitigate like all the chlorine and all the chemicals in the water?


Chlorine. There's no way you can get around it. You got chloroform vapors. That's the worst.


It was an outdoor pool.


Doesn't make any difference, when your head is this close to the water, unless you've got a hell of a wind. It is going to get into your system. There's no way around it. You can always put olive oil, butter, or coconut cream on your skin or coconut oil on the skin to protect your skin from absorbing the chlorine, but you have to understand chlorine is meant to dissolve. The greatest mineral in our hydrochloric acid is chlorine. So, chlorine eats away at things, so if you're gonna be in the one of the swimming pools, never going in indoor one. You're just asking for a lot of lung and sinus and brain toxicity.

So, if you're in an outdoor one and there's a breeze, eh you're going to get some toxicity, it's gonna plant the ears. That's why swimmers have so many ear conditions and sore throats and sinus problems, cuz of all that chloroform that they're breathing in, just remember chloroform transforms into formaldehyde in the human body often.

So, formaldehyde is a very toxic substance. So, swimming pools is not a good thing. So,


Primal Facial beforehand?


Primal Facial's probably not a good one to do. You want something heavy oil. Like the butter or olive oil or coconut oil.

Something that's gonna really cake, and chlorine's gonna take a long time to eat through that oil.


But nothing you could do for the vapors?


Nothing you can do for the vapors. Well, you can eat something to help get rid of it, but that what's planted in the brain is not gonna be easy to get rid of.

Those vapors are so finite even if you let's say put some cotton with some oil on and if you're breathing through it, it will filter out some of it and those oils will arrest some of it, but it won't be easy. As soon as you get water in that cotton, you're not gonna be able to breathe and they're gonna come out anyway.

So, there's really no way to keep cotton balls up there in your nose to help filter it out with some oil on it.

But if you want to get rid of formaldehyde and the toxicity from the chloroform. You take a half of a mango, a green mango, a tart mango, one kiwi, a tablespoon of honey, about four tablespoons of coconut cream, tablespoon of dairy cream, blend that all together, you can even put, let's say a teaspoon of lemon in with it also. Blend that together and then eat that that'll help get rid of formaldehyde and chloroform from the body.


Can I get back to the dog? Cuz you said the dog had that rash and you said it was from formaldehyde from the vaccines.


It will probably give the dog some diarrhea, but that's okay.


Because the rash is just getting bigger.


Is there anything you would recommend? Like my association, I went to them and said, can you not put the chlorine in?

And they said, sure, give us a better solution. So, I don't know what is better.


Yes, you get the salt chlorinators. It's electric, they're called electrical chlorinators. What it is is you put salt, like rock salt, just sea salt, rock salt is sea salt. It's not cleaned. It's not sterilized like your table salt is, and then chlorine added to it. So, you just put that rock salt in the pool, and it sends electrical charge through it and it converts some of that salt into chlorine that is non chloroform vapor producing it.


Is it okay for the skin as well?


It's great. My landlord just built a pool down here and I that's where I go swim now.





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