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When I had this happen, you know that I had some damage along my spine because of the pressure. 

When I broke this rib here.

One of the ribs that went back to my spine right here, got bruisedm so it felt like a knife was in my back.

So, I suffered with it for a while, didn't wanna adjust it right away because I was in too much pain to be adjusted

So as soon as I could I had the chiropractor adjust that spine and got rid of the pain- most of the pain just like that *snaps*

So I'm for chiropractic's, very helpful, but I think that what you should do is- what I did was I applied a hot water bottle on, you know the area that I'm going to be adjusted. If I'm doing an entire adjustment I get in a hot tub before I go so all the muscles are relaxed because if you out of place it's because the muscles are very tight. 

Let's say the spine is like this data place, and normally it's like this. 

When it's like this, it's pinching. 

On the nerves in between causing the pain. 

So if you you go t a chiropractor when he adjusts you, all those muscles are still tight so it's. 

Gonna reach right back out of place

So if you take a hot bath and relax the whole body, those muscles relax. 

So then when he puts you back in place, you're gonna stay in place a lot longer.





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