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Child birthing, I heard that the native American Indians believe that when a child is born, you should keep the umbilical cord attached h and it will automatically stop for the baby.

How long does that last if the cords still working after the baby's born?


The answer is each one is different and the cord will stop pulsing and you literally can just lightly hold it.

You can feel it when the heart the beat is gone, and that's when you clip it off.


Is it like 10 minutes? 30 minutes?


Oh, it can go up to two days.


For me, it was anywhere from a half an hour to like two hours.


I heard if you nurse it immediately it soothes the baby.


A lot of times the baby won't nurse. They don't know about the breasts yet. They just want to be close to the heartbeat like when they were inside in the warmth.


That's why I suggest people have babies in warm water.


That totally seems so natural to me to do it that way.


And the women who've been on the diet, who've had babies have had babies with only two contractions.

The last five that were born, two contractions. They crown with the first contraction, and pass it out in the second contraction.


Is it because we're?


Yes, you're better.

Because on a cooked diet it's impossible for the woman's body to work properly and all of those children were able to hold their head up at birth.

The placenta is the baby's liver until it starts eating. So, the placenta can live two days if the mother doesn't have any milk. You just have to keep that placenta warm if it drops out of the uterus. Usually if the mother's not producing milk, the placenta will stay attached and won't let go until the mother starts producing her milk.


I wasn't on the raw diet those days. Placenta was the big issue was when that was going release and on its own, and you saw doctors...

In most cases, three or four hours. In most cases with most of the women that I helped give birth, the placenta came out in 2, 3, 4 hours.


Most animals like the apes it comes out in 2 hours, and the female eats it. So, you gotta eat it *joking*.





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