Chickens Need Meat - Soy






They give them some supplemental nutrients because the protein, we're trying to get away from that because chickens naturally eat meat. Chickens and ducks eat lots of meat. That's why they'll eat each other if they don't get enough protein. So, the industry, the FDA said, okay, we wanna stop you from feeding these animal byproducts, and we want you to only use grains. Soy bean grows and grows and grows, but chickens cannot eat soybeans without processing, just like humans. If a chicken eats raw soybeans, it will kill them. It can kill a human. So they have to be solvent extracted. That's like soaking your food and kerosene for 20 minutes and eating it.

So, the soy is highly toxic for chicken and humans. So now, I've been trying to get people to feed waste, and a fresh raw waste animal products to their chickens, which is natural. They do it in Pangea and Hawaii. Let me tell you, they are the most sedentary, nice, friendly ducks I've ever met.

My grandparents had a farm and those ducks attack. They attack! Mean as a snake. Well, boy, when they get rotten meat, they will follow you anywhere and just rub up against you. They love you. Incredible.

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