Chicken Pox Is From Cereal and Grains








Well, usually chickenpox is a food detoxification that children get about the same age. It's usually from cereal. Chickenpox very rarely existed before breads ever came into existence.

So, chickenpox is mainly caused by breads and processed grains. It is a fungal type reaction in the body and it throws these poisons out to the skin, and because they're highly acidic with sugars, sugars that dissolve a lot of disaccharides and monosaccharides come out and they burn the skin as it comes out. And that's why they pox, cause the scarring, the damage to the skin.

It'll happen in a whole group of children. It doesn't happen one place, it'll happen over a whole city, two cities, three cities.

Any kind of a detox is always associated with humidity and temperature and the toxicity within the particular child. Not everybody gets the chicken pox. Everybody got chicken pox but me, but I got everything else. And then when everybody else didn't have chicken pox I got the chicken pox all by myself.

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