Chemtrails, Fluoride In Water








 One thing before we start, I, how'd you like the flyer in made? That's good. Mm-hmm. to the point people to get precise. Word, word out. But one thing Mike Murphy said, I just have to use the word geo-engineering, where the Kemp Bell word next to it. So that's left. Yeah. A lot of people knock on there what that means.

Yeah. Okay. So, uh,

What do you thinks behind all? I think it's all about keeping us in control. The same way Hitler used fluoride and a lot of other chemicals control people. Ever get the fluoride out of the water? We have to have another thing. Four. San Diego's the last one to, um, you know, you should have hung your Portland or supervisors Portland.

Uh, stop. Pardon? Portland. I mean, they first stop, see, they can do it referendum. Oh, see, that's it. Good for them. Whenever anyone has a referendum, it's like the people always say, no thank you. Yeah. 60% of the time. Yeah. And that's, that's the majority. Well, I mean, San Diego fought it for, was it 15 years? It wasn't until this certain forgot his name got on the board that, uh, you know, he streamlined it through.


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