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We've got chemtrails, see the chemtrails? They're starting to dump it, they dumped it heavily. Chemtrails have uranium, barium, all kinds of poisons. They've been doing it to us for 15 years now that I've observed.

Most people think it's started in 1998. I don't know where they were. I was on Venice beach, and I watched it every day from almost 1989. So, you got all that stuff dumping.


It's not like I have it like all year or whatever. It's just like, it's kind of weird. I thought it was going away, and then all of a sudden this year I had a really bad reaction.


Whenever it builds up in your mucus membranes, you're going to have a problem.


Right. So, how would you deal with that?


I eat chlorella, clay with milk, also vinegar and milk.


Does that go for me too or s it separate? Cause I'm suffering breathing.


Same thing, but your real problem is your connective tissue is jammed.


How come? I've been following this 12 years now.


Yeah. But you never had a proper circulation. That's why I was having you do the baths two days a week.

It isn't working, and for some people it doesn't work. They need 'em every day, even two a day. I have a learning curve too. I'm not God yet.


But you're working on it.


I'm trying. Give me a couple more lives.

So, having that, drinking milk, anything that's gonna pull the poisons out of the body and neutralize them, cheese is a great binder of poisons.

Eggs help build mucus to bind with them, keep it from being absorbed into the body.


What would be the recipe of chlorella, clay, and milk?


I didn't have that actually. I put the vinegar in the milk, and clay. And the chlorella I usually put with egg and cottage cheese.

Well, as far as the chlorella, I probably have a heaping teaspoon a day, probably have two heaping teaspoons if you got a bigger problem and then I have about five tablespoons of cottage cheese with a meat meal, and I'll put the chlorella in with the cottage cheese, egg.

I like that flavor, cottage cheese, egg, and sour cream and the chlorella and some meat together. That's what I do when they're bombing us. And they just started, you can see the streaks already. See, by the time that reaches Los Angeles, it's gonna be spread out and you're just gonna think it's a cloud.

They have all kinds of stuff in it. Like somebody had aa analysis of many of them, and there was something like 67 ingredients. Definitely getting rid of military waste products by dumping them on the world, like Kodak and Fuji selling vitamin E.


So, they just want poison us. That's the only reason to do it?


Well, I think they just want to get rid of of waste products. So, like Kodak and Fuji, they don't have to buy land and bury it. They can use their money for more destructive purposes.





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