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Well, it's a question because I wanna know what to do because during certain times when it comes down this air and it patterns out whether it's a heaviness. You know, heavy air, there's times that I have shortness of breath,


Well, the best thing to do is have some coconut cream with lemon juice, and honey.


Wait a minute, you take a tablespoon of coconut cream?


Take about

  • two tablespoons of coconut cream
  • two tablespoons of lemon juice
  • two tablespoons of honey
  • 1/2 cup of water.

And then eat some cheese before and after

If you'd like to, you can blend the honey, coconut cream and the lemon juice all together, and then add it into the water and stir. Because if you blend it with the carbonated water, you lose your carbon. So, you eat about 1 tablespoon of cheese right before you drink it. Then after you finish drinking, you have another tablespoon of cheese. That'll help dissolve those chemicals that will get into the lungs, and from the lungs it will pass into the fluid system.


So, in other words, I blend it then I put it in the water.


And the cheese will as the blood, lymph and neurological fluids, those serums pass through the intestines and stomach, if you had cheese in there with all the minerals, you will attract those heavy metals and chemicals out of those serums into the stomach and intestines.

And the cheese will not be digestible as long as you don't mix honey directly with it. That's why you eat the cheese before you drink that mixture and have the cheese after the mixture, that separates it enough because the coconut cream, honey and the lemon juice will create a bond and leave the cheese to the be a sponge, an absorbent for those toxins.

If you eat honey with cheese, it's gonna provide the enzymes, which are deficient in any dried food, which cheese is a dry food. It's no active enzymes in it. I don't care if it's raw food or not, once a food has been dehydrated, there are no active enzymes, until you get it wet again, and then it will go toward fermentation, detoxification and tearing down.

But before a food is dehydrated, it has active enzymes to keep it's body constructed and alive, like having good muscle tissue.


So, that's one tablespoon of coconut cream.


Two tablespoons of coconut, two tablespoons of everything.

If you eat that cheese with honey, you're going to digest that cheese. Then it will provide a lot of minerals for cellular absorption and a lot of fats and you can gain weight very quickly if you eat cheese and honey together.

That's how I gain weight quickly when I want to gain gain weight quickly because I eat cheese and honey together, or cheese and dates together and with milk and that provides the enzymes that are missing in the cheese. But if you want to use the cheese as a sponge for detoxification, you do not want to have it with honey.

Then it will be a sponge and never be absorbed, but the infinite concentration of minerals in cheese will help pull all those toxins out of those three serums as they pass through the intestinal wall.


You wanna wait just five minutes or something?


5, 10 minutes. Cheese, then the drink, then 10 minutes later the cheese.


You can have butter with the cheese, right?


Yeah, that's fine. That doesn't create enzymes for the digestion.





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