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My question is what do you think of chem busters?  


Well, if they're using plastic resin substances to make them. The ones that they say are elemental, but they're also using plastic to hold this unit together. I don't know that they really were, because you're talking about a chemical that spread all throughout the atmosphere. 

If you want to have a lot of magnets to take care of that. That would be a huge, you'd have to have a huge electronic magnet to take care of that. You may take care of your little small environment, but I haven't done any tests with it to say that they work or not. Y 


Yeah. Well, okay. Uh, anyway, I've got papers if anybody wants to take action to go on the computer and type in “call on governor Schwarzenegger” because we have 497 and we need 50,000 signatures to put up JKF. We wanna clean up our skies and the soil.  


Let me tee it up for them. Everybody know what chemtrails are? 

Chemtrails, you see all these streak patterns in the sky? 90% of the clouds that we have are not real clouds, they’re chemical clouds. The federal government, the military is dumping its waste in the sky because it’s too expensive to put it anywhere else.  

So, they are poisoning us with things like barium, cobalt; all these things are byproduct of military industrial complex, building war toys. And they say that it's to control weather, so we can stop global warming. They're trying to sell this bullshit for dumping, and of course, Congress is gonna let them do it, If they say it's for the good.  

That kind of poisoning breathing it in, it causes plastic particles to collect in the body, it's causing Morgellons diseases. Magellan's disease are fibers that pass out the skin whole, and if you breathe it in, your body's going to form plastic fibers to get rid of it, because if it dissolves it, the polymers will dissolve your lungs. 

So, it tries to pass a hole through the skin, and when it comes out, it makes hardened big sores on the skin. This is gonna get more and more and more prevalent.  


I'm also having lot people up written already on the chemtrail petition. A few people we're having also breathing difficulties. That's another sign that's coming from these elements that I'm adding, it’s still going on. 


All kinds of respiratory problems. That's the main problem with these chemicals they’re dropping. When you have a contrail, a contrail is when you have the heat of your engine pass out into hot moisture, pass out into cold air. It creates a temporary cloud. It dissolves within five minutes. 

A chemtrail is a chemical substance, a compound, a collection of vaporized chemicals that stay lodged and don't evaporate. It's not ice crystals. As the heated moisture from a hot engine, the jet engine, combustion engine leaves into the sky, the crystals evaporate and go away.  

The chemical trails do not dissolve. They stay in the area and fall down, and all that crap on your cars, that sticky stuff, chemtrails that they're dumping and they're doing it all over. When I left Patia, that Naval based down there, the U.S. government was visiting them. Guess what they started doing? 

Chemtrails all over Patia, all over the area. First time I saw 'em in Thailand. So, the U.S. government has them doing it in Thailand now. So, it's happening all over the fricking world now. 


Also, that pink I learned about in the image on the new chemtrail site, that it's ethylene dibromide. It's another chemical like the pink you see up there now. What my dentist said, Dr. Shinard, that's a pesticide they're using that they use, it's a very toxic on strawberries, ethylene dibromide.  


Well, ethylene dibromide is a byproduct of making certain weapons. The military is in bed with Dow Chemical, Monsanto, and said, find the use for this, so they don't have to bury it and store it. So, then they'll make it into some kind of poison pesticide. Of course, there's a poison, of course it's gonna kill, insects and toads or whatever, birds. Of course, it's going to kill them and it's in our food, it's going to kill us. So, you have to really look at what's happening. 

So, anyway, the whole thing about this is you can go online and sign the petition against chemtrails and weather modification. Anything that's about weather modification is looking for the rights to do that to us, to poison us. Right now, they don't have Congress's permission to do it, so they're doing it illegally. 


And we're gonna do an educational forum sometime in January. 


Kathy, this isn't the form for that. So, if you have people who want to get in touch with you, have them email you. You give out your email address, they'll email you, and then you can send them everything. 


Okay. Anybody want it cause I'm gonna be leaving soon. Everybody wants a petition papers?  





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