fecal matter


Reduce his chances of reversing cancer completely. Before I came here, I went to the memorial for one of the executives in Scientology who's on the diet. She came to me after chemo, and i think she'd had surgery too. Wonderful high-powered women. I mean, you know, talked about mind over matter, if anybody had mind over matter, this woman could do it. Cancer still got her. I was at the Memorial, she didn't deteriorate like other people had and she had a great almost three years living with the diet and when she started on the diet, she was exhausted. Couldn't do anything. She didn't feel well after the chemo and the surgeries and didn't want to really live. 

And then she got on the diet and her whole life turned around since, so was doing great. 

Well, you know, the surgery, when the cancer came back, I asked her to do the fecal matter, but she wouldn't do it. I plead with her to do the fecal matter. 

If you put anything in the liver, it keeps damaging the liver tissue. That means you digest less and less fat and fat, that's what you majorly need with cancer because that's what dissolves dead cells. But that doesn't mean you won't make it. I got other people make it beyond five years that have had that kind of therapy. 


What about the cow shit? 


Well, that would help him turn the cancer around definitely, it could permanently.  

If you can get it down to where it's not creating the hysteria that makes them go to get more chemo and then he can repair it from there.  


He stopped the chemo after about two months... 


2 months is a lot of chemo, especially what they call it the liver bomb and they put it in there and they literally used to call it a liver bomb because it would just secrete the chemo like every 4 to 12 hours, it would secrete so much. And he was on like a timer, actually a mechanical timer and they implant it in an organ or gland that's affected. 

And I know one fellow who's lived seven years beyond it. So, he's doing okay, but others I've seen are not make it. 


In a case like that ever thought of doing the chemo or something like that to keep the person alive long enough to get to perhaps a raw diet.  


Yeah, that's what I'm saying. I have a lot of those, but only about 60% have made it beyond so many years. 


But the lady in scientology, did she continue the chemotherapy? 


No, she wouldn't do it, it was killing her. She stopped and then she was introduced to this diet. She was doing much better, doing great and then a year ago it started coming back, but she didn't come to me until a few months ago so it was too late. Unless she ate fecal matter, she wouldn't do it. 


That would've made a big difference? 


That would've made a big difference. 

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