Chemical Sensitivity


chemical sensitivity



When a person gets chemically sensitive, that means they have so many chemicals in their body that even one little bit is the straw that breaks the camel's back. Every time it enters the body.

So, anytime something enters the sinuses, the mouth anywhere, it automatically has to discharge, and there's a chemical reaction there. They're that sensitive. They're that so full of toxins in their system.


Okay. I'm on this special diet boring.


Of course.


It's just so boring.

My diet, not your diet.


Very boring. And it will be boring until you stop having that sensitivity.

Well, when you have that kind of a problem, you have mainly eat eggs every hour.

Well, you're still gonna have that, and you better have that. If you don't have that, you're not gonna have the hormones to heal. I just hope it doesn't come at a bad time. So, you have to look at it differently.

What you have to do is every time you go ahead, say, my body's having internal sex and it's loving it, and I'm going to be younger and vibrant because that's exactly what's happening. Cellular division causes.

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