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My question involves chelation, you've heard of that. There's intravenous, which is EDTA. And then they also have oral chelation now, which doesn't have EDTA, and supposedly heavy metals are flushed out through the bowel. Whereas EDTA goes to kidney.


I've never seen tests on humans that were proper, and most of the tests have been done on pigs and they haven't collected properly to prove to me- see when they use chelation therapy, they're using a metallic agent, like EDTA.

They use a sulfur drug. Sulfur will dry out the body, but it has a magnetism toward heavy metals. What is going to relieve it from the body, unless you have tons of fat. So, what I have seen and in 95% of the people and even a little bit higher. 95% of the people who I have seen who had chelation therapy have taken the heavy metals from their glands and their soft organs and deposited in their bones, lymphatic system and connective tissue. So, they take it from one area and put it to another. Not only have they done that, but the agent, the chelation agent becomes a part of that compound and stores in the body too.

I've seen people's skin turn into toilet paper after that, 10 years after cause it just starts disassembling everything. It takes minerals out of everything, not just search those toxic metals out and takes them out of the body.


Does it take the plaque out the circulatory system?


It could do that, but then it starts taking apart the arteries and starts taking apart everything else. So, that's not a way to do it.

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What is the way to do it?


Drinking cilantro juice with coconut cream and dairy cream. Berries and coconut coconut cream.

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