Cheese and Honey For Weight Gain

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Honey eaten together allows the cheese to be digested and all minerals absorb. When you eat unsalted raw cheese, it is impossible I found by checking the feces for the human to digest very much of it raw, maybe 2% to 5%.

So, what it does is it acts as a magnet and broom and a vacuum and a sponge, attracts poisons out of the fluid systems as they run through the elementary canal, the neurological, lymphatic and the blood. So, the cheese draws it out of those systems as it passes through as they weave their waist through the digestive tract, and then the cheese holds onto it like a sponge and then dumps it out the feces.

Now, when I check the feces after eating salted raw cheese or cheese made from pasteurized dairy, it doesn't do that. It's reabsorbed. So, all those toxins that are absorbed by the cheese are reabsorbed by the body when you digest them.

However, in my experiments when I mix cheese, now I got this from a model. I was dating a model and she was ultra skinny, not quite as skinny as Twiggy, but just about. She just got into this honey and cheese binge and she's eating half a cup of honey with about a pound of cheese a day and she put on 50 pounds in a month.

That was great, cuz she calmed down, but she certainly stopped working instantly. gained 50 pounds in a month. That was a lot, she couldn't stop it. She was so starved and hungry she couldn't help herself, and that's the problem with a lot of vegetarians.

But I was not eating a lot of meat then, I was only eating meat three days a week and not every day, twice daily. And she was pretty much doing the diet, so it wasn't a very balanced diet. She'd been eating the meat, she would've gotten that kind of craving.

I got a call two years ago from a supermodel named Jennifer and I didn't get her last name, but she called to thank me because all the supermodels that she hangs with are so delighted because they're so balanced on this diet and they don't have to eat till they get fat or vomit and starve. They can eat, be nourished and don't have to put om a lot of weight. I said, "It's good to have the weight though". They said, "Yeah, but at least we feel calm and we don't feel like vomiting and we're not starving anymore. We feel very good and we don't have to put on much weight".





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