Cheese and Honey - Tumor From Mineral Supplements









Whenever you eat it they should both be in the mouth together?


If you want to absorb the minerals and the fats in it and the protein. If you don't, if you want it to be a sponge and a magnet for toxins, you don't eat it with honey.

You just eat it alone, but that doesn't mean you can't eat it with a meal. It'll still act like that with a meal. The honey's the only thing that will convert that cheese into something to digest. We're talking about raw cheese here. Pasteurized cheese is already fractionated. You're going to absorb those minerals, even though they cauterized, and they're gonna do some damage in your system.

For the first time I had a patient who had a tumor that had very little chemical in it. He had a lot of DMSO in it, cuz he used to take that DMSO chemical and it's sold as something really good. So he had DMSO in it, plus it had tons of magnesium, phosphorus and potassium. Off the charts in those minerals, but very low on calcium comparatively. And he had taken supplements galore, mineral supplements. Of course, these were cauterized minerals, so his body couldn't use them. So, he created this huge tumor and when it was finally removed and I had it analyzed those were the results of it.

First tumor that I'd had analyzed it didn't have some kind of heavy industrial compound in it, chemical or heavy metal. It had no heavy metals, it had all the light metals and way too many of them.


Why was he taking DMSO in the first place?


I think he was warding off arthritis or rheumatism, something like that. And that was like 10 years ago, 15 years ago.


He's okay now?


Yeah, he's okay now.

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