Cheese To Detox






You told me to eat sugar cubed size of raw cheese unsalted salted, and when I do it I love it because when I do it, my mouth becomes so watery, and I have to keep swallowing it.  


Yeah. But that's a different kind of thing. That's getting the poisons out of the brain and into the cheese rather than your system. 

And I don't like people chewing their cheese all that much because it'll pull all the poisons out of the brain, and I want the cheese to absorb most of the poisons that are dumping into the stomach intestines. So, you don't want to chew it so much that you get a very liquid, unless like this. Now in order to get this to go down fast, so it was this big yesterday at this time, it was this big, all the way over. And my whole eye was swollen up. So, I just started eating the cheese and getting it till it was completely liquid, my mouth was full and then I spit it out. And by nighttime, this had gone down by 70%. And then this morning, another 10%. 

So, you can use cheese as a, as a way to absorb and get rid of poison. 

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