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Remember, cheese is enzyme deficient, so like any dried food, there are no bioactive enzymes. Sure, there are all the particles of enzymes in it, but none of them are bioactive when a food substance is dried, it's dehydrated. So, if you eat cheese, it's a dried substance that will not digest, unless you eat it with honey.

So, as a good mineral supplement, it's fine to eat cheese and honey, if you want a good mineral supplement. So, you have osteoporosis or you have cancer and people who have cancer are always eating their own bones to get enough minerals to bind with the solvent byproduct of dissolving tumors, so the body will eat its own bone to do that.

Eating the cheese with honey prevents that from happening.


What about butter?


Eating butter with the cheese? That's fine if you have a tendency toward constipation, you should eat equal amounts of with butter with the cheese.


For constipation: butter, honey, and cheese?


Well, if you're gonna eat cheese and it causes constipation, you need an equal amount or more butter with your cheese, and that'll keep you from getting constipated.


You don't have to add honey to it?


You have to have the honey with it. The honey is your enzyme supplementation.

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