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But if it’s all this chemical, why would they bother putting it in cereal? 


You have to understand the damage that they do when they process a cereal to make it into a long shelf lasting food. There's nothing alive left in it. 

They destroy all the vitamins in it. So, then what they do is we came into this in the 60s. We got into the nutrient enriched food. Now when it first came out, it was McGovern mcg.  

McGovern came out and he was the head of the committee on nutrition and he said we have to have chemically free food; we need to do this and do this and do that. Eat less red meat and stuff like that. He was from Iowa, that's a farming state, so he got them crazy, and of course he didn't win the election. The next election of Senator or anything else. 

He didn't win the election because the whole farming communities and the states were against him from that. From that incident, it became a nutrient science. Well, this has vitamins in it that says vitamin A, this says vitamin D and they forgot all the other nutrients. They would plug just certain vitamins and certain nutrients and they would sell you on that, oh, this has got this and this in this food. And it's a sales pitch. It's to get you to buy it when it's no good. Anything that claims we've got good nutrients in this, stay away from it as far as you can away from it, because you know, it's one of the worst foods you can buy. It has no nutrient value and they're putting just a few in and they're chemical too, and they're just selling you a product. That's what it's all about. 

All those third world countries, all the care packages you send, all the care you give. They go to Kellogg’s and Purina and general foods and buy the worst cereals in the world. Powdered milks, give it with water. To these third world children. 

They get tape worms, they get diabetes, they have all these kind of diseases and they kill them.  

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