Century Eggs (3)


century eggs




sex drive




The Chinese keep eggs for 25 years, called the century egg and they sell them. It's completely pre digested. The bacteria, their waste is our food.

So, there's nothing but waste left after 25 years.

That's why oxygenarians in China will pay $1000 dollars for one of those eggs. They can have sex, it's like Viagra, high for 28 - 30 days.


One egg is gonna be like Viagra?



It's 25 year old. It's either completely white inside or completely black inside, and it's all powder.


You know, with the commercial nature of our society, I can't imagine someone hasn't went with a 25 year old egg?


Nobody's gonna pay $1000 for an egg except the Chinese man.


If you got somebody who's 80 years old and all of a sudden he's got sexual prowess at that age, you know?


They aren't appetizing either for the regular pallet.

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